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Our Service Packages

The Blue Devil - $89.99 
Tune Up Package -

This package provides your bike with the periodic maintenance recommended by the manual. With this package we will adjust all the major systems, including:

  • Shifting System - Tune Front and Rear Derailleurs
  • Braking System - Tune Front and Rear Brakes
  • Wheel System - Adjust Hub Bearings, True Wheels
  • Steering System - Adjust Headset Bearings
  • Bottom Bracket System - Adjust Bottom Bracket Bearings
  • We will also clean and polish your frame, lubricate the chain and cables.

The Wolfpack - $149.99
This is the Demon Deacon + the Blue Devil Packages -

Full Tune Up with a drivetrain parts wash. This is a recommended service at least annually for any serious recreational cyclist, or for anyone interested in riding a smoother operating bike.
*This is our best selling package!*

The Tarheel - $299.99

The Complete Overhaul

This package includes a complete disassembly, cleaning and rebuild of all systems of the bicycle, plus chasing and facing of headset , bottom bracket surfaces, and disc brake caliper mount surfaces. Your bike will look and ride like it was new!

Other adjustments and service are available with ala carte pricing.  If all you need is one brake adjustment - we can do that too!

*Prices do not include parts unless otherwise noted*
*Excessively dirty bikes may have a $5 to $20 additional cleaning charge*

We're Service Pros

Our service staff is professionally trained and certified to work on all bicycle makes and models, not just the ones we sell. And every member of our service team participates in training sessions with factory service techs several times each year. So, whether it’s a minor tune-up or a major overhaul, you can count on us to do the job right the first time, every time.

Walk-Ins Are Welcome

Getting ready for a ride and discovered that a tire's gone flat? Did you hit a pot hole and knock your rim out of true? Sometimes you can't plan when your bike needs attention. Why not bring it in? If we can fix it on the spot, we will. And if we need more time, we'll let you know when to stop by to pick it up. Come in, call or e-mail us soon so we can make that important repair or adjustment and get you back on your bike ASAP.