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What our customers are saying

I was out of the cycling loop for almost 15 years. I was in need of a new bike and gear.. I went in with my wife and got help from Dave who was extremely helpful and knowledgable. He had an answer for every question and was knowledgable with Everything! From helmets, bike racks, shoes, packs, pedals, bikes components, and clothing... There wasn't anything that he could not help out with or didn't have an answer to. I have gone in and talked to many staff members about local trails, help with accessories, and different events.... I will never go anywhere else to shop, even if I have to pay more...the service is worth every penny! Thank YOU!

Would like to get this overdue note to you all. I recently purchased a
new road bike from your shop. 07 Trek 5000. Just a word of thanks for
all the assistance Jeff, Matt, Dave and Chris gave.

Matt was very patient as he prepared each bike for me to test ride.
Explaining each bike in detail and what each one had to offer. I was
able to take my time and get a good feel of each bike I tested. When I
chose the Trek 5000 I am certain I made the right choice. Jeff and Matt
happily answered all my many, many questions.

Dave ensured I had the correct saddle size. I had no idea there was a
fit test for a saddle to properly measure your sit bones. Cannot explain
how grateful I am to have a comfortable saddle. The Bontrager Inform RL
is perfect.

Chris did the complete bike fit session. I recommend this fit process as
it has proved to be invaluable. We started out talking about my riding
history. Measuring my flexibility. Chris dialed me into my bike
perfectly. Her suggestion to go with wider handlebars and a shorter stem
did the trick. Chris also offered advise on correct bike posture.

It makes all the difference with a staff most concerned about customer
satisfaction and have a shop like this close to home is nice and

See ya's on the road and trails!


Why I brought my bike from Trek of Raleigh:

Dave and Matt both made sure that I would get the bike that best served my
needs--this included my riding style, riding goals and budget.

They had me test ride several bikes including one that was less than my
budget and never tried to force me to move beyond my budget. Yet at the same
time they offered me an option of upgrades that I could take advantage of at
this time or in the future.

With each bike that I tested they asked me what I thought and discussed the
pros and cons of each bike and each component. This included changing some
of the components on the bike so I could determine which ones suited me the

They insured that the bike fit me, including special ordering one component,
to make sure the bike I purchased fit me to a tee.

We all know that at times we can save a couple of dollars ordering
on-line--yet consider the value of a local store that supports our club, and
us as individuals,--something you can't buy on-line.

Be safe and enjoy the ride,


Another big thank you has to be given to the Trek Store of Raleigh. For the
last two weeks I noticed my wheels needed to be trued. Monday after riding I
noticed that the rear wheel was real bad. I started investigating this and I
noticed the wheels were CRACKING at the spokes.

I bought this bike in December as a year end close out at another bike
store. So before going over to them, thinking this was going to be a hassle,
I decide I would stop in the Trek Store to find out what the warranty was (I
knew I would get the truth there). Dave told me 5 years and said he would
take care of it all for me...he said "bring the wheels in" and he did not
care that I did not buy them there. He made my life easier.

Now I am riding the MS150 and this would be difficult to do without wheels
so Dave gave me a loaner set from the store while he sent mine back to

Next bike I need I will be there :) thanks for the great customer service.


Hello Jeff,

Just wanted to drop you a long overdue THANK YOU for my new bike.

The Lemond Victoire that I bought from Trek of Raleigh is better than I could have imagined, and your shop did a superb job of prepping it for me!  I have over 500 miles on it, and I still haven’t had to adjust anything (beyond a barrel adjustment); the shifting is spot-on and the bike is tight.  Most importantly, I wouldn’t even be riding it if it wasn’t for your personal attention to my needs. You matched me up with a bike that fits my needs perfectly. Also, thanks for your patience with a carbon frame newbie, I learned a lot.

I’m looking forward to my next bike from Trek of Raleigh, thanks again!


Team Simple Green/Cycles Veloce


Every so often it is nice to deal with people who appear to be sincere about
doing what is best for their customers. Since I spent close to 20 years as a
full time professional trainer, and I am currently a Community Manager of one
of the largest planned communities in the Triangle,  I know a thing or two
about customer service.  During the last miles of our ride last Saturday (a fellow rider) noticed a squeaking  sound around the rear cogs of my bike. Since we were finishing at the Trek store
it made great sense to have their mechanics look it over.

It was clear after Matt looked it over that it needed some serious work. He
could have done an overhaul but the real problems would still exist. I asked
him to give a thorough analysis and provide me with an estimate.

I called him the next day and he provided me with exactly as I asked. The
cost was very reasonable, but very close to the limit for what I wanted to pay to
fix the bike.  Matt knew about (another customers) bike being for sale, and it was him who
suggested that I test ride (his) bike to see what I thought before he did the work
on mine.

Imagine that. Providing information that is in the best interests of the
customer. I have decided to try out this bike for Saturday's ride, and Matt
offered to remove my Look pedals so that I could put them on the Lightspeed. I now
have a bike for Saturday's ride, and a couple of very good options.

No matter what my decision is I know that I have finally found the bike store
for my cycling needs. I will take all of my business there, and, trust me on
this one, I am not the easiest person to win over. There can be no one more
cynical than I am. Ask my lovely wife.

See you all on Saturday. - Rick

It's so nice to have a friendly neighborhood bike shop nearby.  Your store is beautiful and your staff really made me feel welcome.  Now I don't need to spend an hour to drive to Cary and back.Thanks, Melanie

I just wanted to drop you a note of thanks.  Kate gave us excellent advice and my daughter was thrilled with the bike we gave her.  I'll be telling my friends and neighbors about your great store. William

Jeff, The bicycle that I purchased last week was making a lot of noise on just its first ride, so needless to say I was a little concerned.  I spoke to you on the phone and you assured me that it was a problem to take care of promtly.  I stopped by later that afternoon and although your store looked busy, the mechanic (Matt) started on it right away.  20 minutes later, I was on my way with the problem promtly and curtiously solved.  Thanks for standing behind your product with great service! - Ron

Jeff and Rox, I CANNOT overstate it -- y'all were fabulous tonight.  And thank you for taking the time to host our club.  Please pass on to your staff that they came across as knowledgable, friendly, and accessible!!  And thats not an easy thing to pull off considering the chasm of difference in the bike skill and knowledge of all the different people there.  In gratitude, I'll continue to send as many folks your way as I can. Thanks again, Rosemary

Hi Dave, Thanks for all the help that you and Trek have provided so far to resolve this problem.  I really appreciate your tenacity.  I believe most people would have sent me packing with the problem unresolved.  I'm very impressed with your customer service.  I'm impressed with the Trek Raleigh staff as well as with Trek. -Willie

Dave, Thank you very much for your professionalism and courtesy in helping me
thru the decision making process in choosing a bike with the primary
purpose of attempting the Ironman Lake Placid in July.  I primarily chose
your store over one other in the area based on your handling of the sale.
Please feel free to show this to whomever. Mike

Dave - I just wanted to say thanks for all that you have done for me in this
process. You have made it very fun for me personally and very enjoyable. I
am so glad I decided to do this through your store. You have been flexible
and available the entire time. Thanks again. If you have a supervisor, I
want them to know this too. You have been awesome.  - Dick

Here is a note from a customer who purchased a bike elsewhere- and didn't like it.  They refused to take it back. :  Jeff:
The Pilot is a great bike.  I’ve been riding it all over town this week (it rained all weekend), and find it as close to my old 330 as anything could be.  I can’t tell you how much happier I am with this bike rather than the 7.2FX (which I trust you will be able to sell without taking too much of a loss).  I have already begun telling people here about you and your store, and I hope some of them will visit you.  I even e-mailed TREK to tell them what you did for me.  Given my history of bike use, it might be a while before I need another bike, but my boys are growing and I will be in, eventually, to have you outfit them.  I’ll also be in touch for supplies as needed.  Until then, it seems insufficient, but  Thanks


Thanks for the inspiration. My 5-yr old son learned to bike in under 1 hr today following your tips. On a Trek! 

S. Balakrishnan